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  • tvpad2 m233 apps
    tvpad2 m233 apps
  • tvpad2 m233 apps
    tvpad2 m233 apps
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  • tvpad2 m233-apps
    tvpad2 m233-apps
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sales3-p555 tvpad2 m233 for tvb app/ tvb channels

tvpad2 m233 for tvb app/ tvb channel

Main feature of tvpad2 m233

1Android operation system

2. Improve on hardware, speed on CPU

3. Support games

4.  Free apps include all Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, movies, entertainment, games...

5. Support 1080p hdmi output


6.Built-in wifi, 4G TF-card as gift

7. tvpad2 m233 has tvb apps and can watch many tvb channels,  




Birth of Gorgeous TVpad2

TVpad2, running on a highly customized intelligent operating system, equipped with an open application platform (OAP) in which third-party application developers are free to offer various Apps to meet different needs of users from all over the world, is a series of smart set-top boxes which has created a full range of intelligent products in a new intelligent pattern. It may allow users to experience in the wonderful Internet world, and all you need is a high-speed Internet connection (and a TV set, of course). It provides users with HD programs, motion sensing games, home KTV, VOIP, and other entertainment. Just with a TVpad at home and you may briefly turn your TV into a “Smart TV” which will lead you to an era of “Smart Network TV” beyond imagination and enable you to experience in an infinite world of entertainment in which you can watch live programs and on-demand videos, browse news, enjoy music, play motion sensing games, etc.

● TVpad2 leads you to a highly accelerated milestone

Fully upgraded hardware and firmware for smoother user experience

TVpad2, adopting a fast dual core processor and a highly customized Android OS and also equipped with high performance flash memory and mass storage, makes its debut as a series of products of extraordinary performance and lower power consumption, which is enough to meet all your needs and will enable you to better experience its unimaginable operating speed like a breeze.

       Shortened boot time

       More sensitive interface switch

       Faster App startup

       TVpad2 supports smoother user experience!


Smoother remote controlfor better user experience

       Fully upgraded hardware and firmware enable TVpad2 to make a new breakthrough in the response speed of TVpad remote and also smooth the App switch and channel switch process, which make a significant improvement on the operation of TVpad remote and user experience.

Massive legitimate Apps on TVpad Store

TVpad Store makes its glorious debut along with the newly show of TVpad2 seriesproducts.

              TVpad Store, the newly upgraded version of the former App Garden, which gives a new heart to TVpad products by supplying massive legitimate Apps satisfying different groups’ needs, is a core function of TVpad2. With its one-stop search by sorts, you may feel easier to search, download and install massive high grade and legitimate Apps, of which the contents cover the news and information, movies & TV entertainment, sports express, early education, motion sensing games, home KTV, VOIP, etc.


        TVpad has joined hands with application developers to provide specially customized Apps for TVpad users and all the functions of the Apps have been authorized by CNT, so users do not have to worry about the stability of the Apps. The open TVpad Store on TVpad2 is bound to attract more third-party developers and content providers to supply more and more wonderful Apps to add more fun to your life.

Build-in Wi-Fi for more stable wireless life


TVpad2, with high-speed build-in Wi-Fi and high-gain Wi-Fi antenna, has made a new breakthrough in network connection, which solves the wireless connection problems of the former products and enables users to say farewell to external wireless devices and annoying network cables with confidence. Users may feel free to enjoy more stable signals of TVpad2 within the wireless network coverage area.

Easy Home KTV for better life entertainment

The newly launchedKaraokeof TVpad2 is designed to bring more pleasures to your life. Without any KTV system and equipment, you may easily turn your living room to a luxury KTV room only by connecting TVpad2 to your TV set and home audio-visual equipment, and now go and invite your friends and family to enjoy a private concert!

Free interactive games, free control of joy

TVpad2 adopts the high-performance GPU of which the processing rate is greatly improved compared with the former TVpad products, namely, TVpad2 is smoother in pictures and faster in action respond when playing 1080 p HD videos and running giant motion sensing games, etc.


Meanwhile, the newly joined joystick is ready to drag you off your couch to enjoy the pleasures brought by your body motion, all in all, you can not only enjoy more family fun but also do some exercise through games and finally keep you away from the sub-health status.


Free VOIP for infinite calls with family

In order to bring users better user-friendly experience, TVpad not only provide users with excellent and stable movies & TV plays, motion sensing games, home KTV and other wonderful audio-visual services, but also cooperate with the third-party Internet phone service provider, which means users can call their friends and family through the world as wish without worrying about extra expensive call charges.

Interfaces of TVpad2


        TVpad2, continuing the design philosophy of “Portable, Small and Green” of the former products series, made of eco-friendly materials with polishing and special treatment, still keeps the appearance in a style of small, simple and elegant.

        TVpad2 Main Interface

        TVpad2, with a highly customized intelligent operating system, has three main functions: App Manager, My TVpad and Settings.

        App Manager Interface

       As a core function of TVpad2, TVpad Store brings together massive legitimate Apps, which enable users to download and install with confidence. Users may also upgrade and uninstall the installed Apps at will.

        My TVpad Interface

        As the manager of TVpad users, My TVpad may help users to manage and record the recharge and purchase records, in which users may also recharge the account by inputting the exclusive point card No. for TVpad to buy paid-for Apps supplied by TVpad Store. Users who have not yet activated their warranty service may activate the service by submitting the required information.

Settings Interface

       The Settings of TVpad include Network Test (Wired Network), Wi-Fi Settings, Language, Time Zone Settings, Video Settings, Update System, Factory Default, System Info, About and users may configure network, select system language, set system time zone and upgrade the system online as wish.



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