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dreambox 800se OE2.0 images!


E-Star Sim box ES800se Released OE2.0 Images!

   Last year Dreambox released OE2.0 software, we saw a lot of new features were coming along with the OE2.0, the new upgrade also get many troubles for those clone boxes, they were blocked out of the wall, such as some clone manufacturers, SIM2xxx and Fe*** however we found the e-Star team showed us the fantastic job, they have successfully broken the wall, and released OE2.0 images.
  It is very interesting for this reality, many people think e-Star take the same technologies as SIM210 and Ferrari, now it shows us they are different, and the e-Star technology is better than them, what happened? Who can give us any explanation?
  In order to get the answer, we did some comparisons with some OE1.6 images, we downloaded the bcm7405.ko from the board to compare them, however we found SIM210 and Ferrari put a “shell” in this driver file, after removed that protection, we found they used one same older version driver after April, 2011, that means they are not true patched! The e-Star driver does not have any shell, so it is easy to compare, they provided the true patch for each released version no matter Dream stopped OE1.6, from this point, we can see e-Star is always following, do not know why SIM210 and Ferrari stopped at April, 2011, is their technology blocked by Dream at that time?
   For the new OE2.0 image, we downloaded the squashfs driver image from e-Star box, and decompressed to compare the bcm7405.ko with the original driver, we only found several different data, it is true patched, we also compared the Enigma, it is same with the original Enigma, we can install any online Plugins, only the online software upgrade is not support now!
   e-Star website mentioned the RANDOM generator, they said its different from SIM210 and Ferrari, so we did another test, we modified the /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/SoftwareManager/SoftwareTools.py, changed the read_random() function, use several fixed 8 bytes data (random chosen), then we found the e-Star box could run this program without problem, however the other boxes showed green screen, failed, so this is true!
   Anyone can do these comparisons, if you do not have their boxes, you can download the NFIs or convert NFIs by e-Star converter, then decompress the JFFS file system out, and mount it on your Linux PC, then you can access the file system…..
   From the above comparisons, we can see e-Star SIM technology has much better advantage,

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