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Recruit Smart

Value: staff development is the last word

Recruit Jobs:

Embedded Linux set-top box development engineer :

Requirements :
1. Computers, electronics, communications, automation and other related professionals, undergraduate and above ;
2. 3 years of linux operating system device drivers and application development experience, familiar with embedded Linux development, proficient in C / C + +, GUI development experience with embedded ;
3. Familiar with common audio and video codecs, audio and video drivers have development experience is preferred ;
4. Familiar with audio and video compression standards such as H.264, MPEG2, MP3, AAC, SMPTE ;
5. Good team spirit and work attitude, an independent analysis of issues and problem-solving skills, serious, practical, strong sense of responsibility ;
6.Responsible for set-top boxes and portable software module development work ;
7. Linux operating system in the cross-compiler development environment ;
8. Responsible for software requirements definition, specification, system design, detailed design and documentation writing ;
9.Solution products in the testing, production and application process-related issues ;

STB Test Engineer :

1. Master's or bachelor's degree, electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science or equivalent ;
2. 5-7 years experience in software development, digital TV and / or STB with 3 years experience in project management or SQA ;
3. Familiar with quality assurance tools and techniques, error tracking system, test design and implementation experience are familiar with different programming languages ;
4. Familiar with the CMM / CMMI-related process ;
5. Oral and written English proficiency ;

Set-top box hardware engineer

1、Age 23-45 years old, computers, electronic communications-related professional degree or above ;
2、With more than three years experience in consumer electronics product development, hardware design to video class ;
3、There are more than 2 years experience in RF design, digital television set-top boxes, handheld and other products experience is preferred ;
3、Skilled use of Power PCB, Orcad, office software, mechanical drawing software ;
4、Have a good analog, digital electronic technology, familiar with welding and failure analysis and processing, with knowledge of EMC ;
5、Skilled use of oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and other instrumentation, has extensive experience in hardware debugging ;
6、Work carefully, serious and responsible, strong communication skills, good teamwork, good execution and service awareness ;
7、Has extensive experience in team management, technical team who can manage the priority 10-15 ;
8、Not eligible, do not vote ;

Job Responsibilities :
1、Commitment to CMMB, ISBD digital TV products and other related hardware development ;
2、Production, sales support and technical services ;

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